Free Software

Download our community developments here. Most programs are released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2. For details, consult the license file within the downloaded tarball.

  • syslog-ng OPEN SOURCE EDITION - The syslog-ng application is a flexible and highly scalable system logging application that is ideal for creating centralized logging solutions. The syslog-ng application is the most widespread alternative system-logging application of the Unix/Linux world.
  • Zorp GPL - Zorp is a new generation proxy firewall suite and as such its core architecture is built around today's security demands.
  • restrict - A small pre-loadable shared object capable of setting the uid/gid/capabilities/chroot directory of a process, making it possible to create capability-less jails without full-blown access control products like Medusa or RSBAC.
  • eventlog - A new API to format and send structured log messages. It supports multiple message representations (plain, XML attributes and XML tags) and multiple output methods (local syslogd).
  • tproxy - A set of kernel patches reimplementing support for userspace transparent proxies.
  • pinger - A little program for monitoring hosts using ICMP echo requests and making it possible to react when a host goes down.
  • jailer - A small script which makes chroot jails easy to maintain. Specifically developed for the Debian distribution.
  • sendrip - A small program sending custom RIPv2 packets.