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Privileged Access Management

Protecting your IT environment from attacks on privileged accounts

Our fast, forensic and frictionless solution scrutinizes user behavior, offering unprecedented IT control, oversight and protection. Combining session management and account analytics in one appliance that’s fast to deploy and easy to integrate with your existing IT environment.

Privileged Session Management

Your central access point, controlling privileged access to systems, preventing attacks, recording network activity and presenting it back in searchable, movie-like audit trails.

  • Granular Access Control

    Helping you to control who can access what and when on your critical IT assets.

  • Content based alerts

    Taking action automatically if a certain pattern appears in the command line.

  • Real-time supervision

    Allow, track or terminate a session, based on real-time data.

  • Full-text search

    Searchable, tamper-proof audit trails – delivered immediately and in line with industry compliance regulations.

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Privileged Account Analytics

Detect suspicious activity and prevent attacks by analyzing and understanding the behavioral characteristics that indicate a malicious presence in your network.

  • Real Time Threat Alerts

    Receive information about unusual or high risk behavior in your network as it happens.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Balabit PAM learns the typical behavior patterns of your privileged users and can quickly pick up on anomalies.

  • Risk Scoring

    Prioritize events based on risk, so you can focus on what’s important.

  • Alerts and Automated response

    Choose to receive risk-based alerts, or to end potentially threatening sessions automatically, based on biometric behavior analysis

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Balabit Helps Your Business Counter Four Core Security Challenges

Privileged Identity Theft

When hackers and attackers gain access through privileged access accounts.

Privileged Insider Threats

When internal risk, human error or shared passwords leave open the door for rogue admins.

Incident Response

When you need to discover what has happened in your network and who or what is at fault.


When your systems need to be in accordance with the latest regulations, wherever you do business.

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“The [Balabit] solution’s strongest points are the privileged session management, recording and search, and applying policy filters to apps and commands typed by administrators on monitored sessions.”

– The Forrester Wave, Privileged Identity Management, Q3 2016, by Andras Cser