Sophisticated, well-funded cyber criminals target Privileged Accounts because they provide the admin rights to steal data on a massive scale, disrupt critical infrastructure, and install malware. They usually start by obtaining user credentials, either from employees, 3rd party contractors, or partners. Attacks usually unfold over a period of months allowing intruders to perform reconnaissance, escalate privileges, cover their tracks and finally exfiltrate data. Privileged Access Management can help prevent, detect and respond to attacks involving Privilege Identity Theft.

Protection against Privileged Identity Theft


Resourceful adversaries

Attackers have the knowledge and resources to exploit unknown vulnerabilities which pattern based tools like SIEM cannot detect.

Security productivity trade-offs

Adding more layers of authentication can make your organization more secure but they often make users’ lives more difficult and constrain business.

Assessing the damage

Once an incident becomes known, it is often difficult to determine the extent of the damage caused by the attack.

Password Management Limitations

Once an attacker obtains valid credentials, traditional, one-off authentication tools like password management vaults become ineffective.

Why Balabit

Faster Investigations

Searchable, video-like replay of sessions enables security teams to see exactly what the attacker has done, not just session metadata.

Faster time to value

Turnkey solution that requires no agents on end-points, can be deployed in days rather than months saving the cost of long, complicated professional services projects.

Deep Visibility

No other solution captures the depth of detail of privileged sessions such as keystrokes and mouse movements that enable detection of identity theft through behavioral biometrics.

Seamless Integration

Balabit’s Privileged Session Management can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of security tools including Password Management systems, Multi-factor authentication tools, and Ticketing systems.


  • Deep visibility into privileged account activity, not just session metadata.
  • Reduced risk without constraining users
  • Control over high-risk activity with granular access policies.
  • Detection of Privileged Identity Theft before attackers can do damage.

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