Privileged Identity Theft

Protect your organization

Cyber criminals target privileged accounts to gain admin rights that enable them to steal data at scale. Attacks can unfold over months, beginning with a hacker obtaining user credentials. With advanced behavioral monitoring tools, Privileged Access Management spots the signs of privileged identity theft, helping you to prevent, detect and respond quickly.

Balabit responds to four key challenges:

Resourceful Hackers

When attackers have the knowledge and resources to exploit vulnerabilities that pattern based tools cannot.

Productivity Problems

When increased layers of authentication make your organization more secure, but make users’ lives more difficult.

Damage Assessment

When determining the extent of the damage caused by an attack becomes too resource intensive.

Password Limitations

When an attacker obtains valid credentials, and traditional password management vaults are ineffective.

Key benefits

Fast Investigations

Searchable, movie-like session playback enables security teams to see exactly what an attacker has done.

Time to Value

Turnkey solutions that can be deployed in days, saving the cost of long professional services projects.

Deep Visibility

Capture privileged session detail and use behavioral biometrics to enable detection of identity theft.

Seamless Integration

Easy installation of security tools, including password management systems, ticketing and multi-factor authentication.


How to use PSM effectively within an overall PAM solution



Privileged Access Management goes beyond password-based authentication to protect your business against privileged access misuse. The PAA component uses data from PSM, helping you to monitor privileged access user behavior against pre-defined, constantly updated profiles. In doing so, you can stop hacks before they happen.

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“The [Balabit] solution’s strongest points are the privileged session management, recording and search, and applying policy filters to apps and commands typed by administrators on monitored sessions.”

– The Forrester Wave, Privileged Identity Management, Q3 2016, by Andras Cser