A best-of-breed solution for managing privileged access

Balabit's Shell Control Box now includes the option of out-of-the-box integration with Lieberman Software’s privileged identity management platform, the Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM). The joint solution sets a new level of best practice for Privileged Access Management, represents a unique approach to preventing data breaches. You can monitor privileged users’ activity without the need to give them access to privileged credentials. Users can continue to work in IT systems as usual with no disruption to their daily routine.

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Privileged Identiy Management & User Monitoring
Privileged Access Manager When perimeter security fails, interior security takes over

Best Practice Data Breach Prevention

Shell Control Box (SCB) is a best-of-breed user monitoring appliance that controls privileged access to remote IT systems, records activities and prevents malicious actions. Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) is a leading privileged identity management platform that simplifies the management of privileged credentials ensuring that privileged accounts are only available to audited users on a temporary, delegated basis. The joint solution forms an end-to-end Privileged Access Management solution that protects against today's most dangerous threat; namely, malicious insiders and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Secure Management of Privileged Credentials

Passwords are stored securely in Lieberman’s password vault. The solution authenticates the users, impersonates the authenticated user on the target system, and transparently retrieves the credentials for accessing the system. This automatic password-retrieval process protects the confidentiality of passwords, as the users never actually access them. The aggressive rotation of passwords, keys and service accounts keeps privileged accounts a moving target for attackers.

new level of best practice for Privileged Access Management Shell Control Box and Enterprise Random Password Manager integration
End-to-end Privileged Access Management Platform SCB with ERPM – An End-to-end Privileged Access Management Platform

Comprehensive Solution for Compliance

Organizations face multiple industry regulations, laws and standards, all of which require the management, control and monitoring of administrative access to sensitive IT assets. Consequently, organizations need a system that can centrally collect, manage and audit privileged credentials and user activity. Without a single, integrated approach to privileged access management, passing the next security audit will be a complex and time-consuming challenge.

High Quality User Auditing and Forensics

The solution can reliably control, monitor and record all high risk users’ activities. By delivering comprehensive reporting, movie-like playback and free-text search (even in graphical sessions), it meets the highest quality standards in security audits. It is possible to quickly identify the root cause of an incident, in turn speeding up the investigation and response process.

Automation to Reduce Costs

Automation at scale reduces dependency on manual management of credentials and user actions and enables orchestration of large, dynamic environments. The joint solution can reduce costs by:

  • Enabling fast implementation and simple maintenance
  • Providing an agentless, open and highly extensible architecture
  • Automatically discovering, managing and securing privileged identities in IT resources
  • Having a centralized authentication and policy enforcement point within the IT environment
  • Preventing malicious activities via automatic, real-time alerts and session termination
  • Rapid breach investigation without relying on myriad of logs and expensive external experts
ROI of Privileged Access Management Solution

Protection in Weeks, not Months

Thanks to the turnkey nature and the out-of-the-box integration of the products, it is possible to deploy the solution in weeks rather than months. SCB is a turnkey network appliance - its implementation and configuration is fast and simple. ERPM provides a rapid, 100% accurate auto-discovery of administrative accounts in systems, databases, applications and services – customers get a full inventory of shared accounts of their IT environment in minutes. They can have a fully operational PAM solution within a week.

The joint Balabit/Lieberman solution is available as a turnkey solution, implemented and supported by joint partners across the globe.

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