Nearly 40% of today’s IT staff can gain unauthorized access to their organization’s most sensitive information – and 20% have already done so. This is according to recent research Lieberman Software conducted amongst sys admins toiling in the trenches.

Hardly surprising findings though, considering that privileged users in IT who give in to the temptation to peak at confidential HR files or accounting data are almost certainly not going to be caught.

That’s because the conventional Identity Access Management (IAM) and password management products that nearly every organizations relies on to control general access can’t restrict and audit the actual activities performed by users during privileged access.

Effectively controlling who can access powerful privileged accounts, and then tracking the actions taken by users of those privileged accounts, requires a combination of privileged identity management and privileged activity monitoring technology.

Only then can you achieve automatic management of privileged passwords and fine-grained access control of privileged accounts, and – perhaps most importantly – independent monitoring and auditing each privileged access with customizable reports.

These audit trails are crucial for any organization that’s serious about IT forensics. Say, for instance, you want to search for all users who accessed a specific account at a specific time across any platform on the network. Or, say an unexpected shutdown or database manipulation occurs and you want to track the cause. These events are readily available in the audit trails of PIM and PAM products.

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