Do you want tight control on your network perimeter?

Zorp GPL is a next generation, open source proxy firewall with deep protocol analysis

Zorp GPL allows you to inspect, control, and modify traffic on the application layer of the ISO/OSI model. Decisions can be made based on data extracted from the application-level traffic (for example, HTTP) and applied to a certain traffic type such as users or client machines.

It ensures that the traffic complies with the particular protocol standards, and allows you to perform specific actions with the traffic.

For example, you can replace the value of a specific HTTP header or you can allow full access to an FTP server for a group of users, but permit only read-only access for others - without having to modify the FTP server. Being able to inspect SSL/TLS encrypted channels, Zorp allows you to process the encrypted traffic with external virus or spam filtering engines, to avoid downloading malware in secure connections. In a word, Zorp GPL helps you to tighten control over traffic passing the perimeter of your networks. It gives you all the power you need to implement a local security policy independently from network topology!

Why choose Zorp GPL?

  • 10 years of development experience
  • Free license and active community support
  • Network traffic analysis in 7 protocols
  • Encrypted channel control
  • Content filtering and optional modification
  • Modular, highly flexible configuration

  • The only answer to many unique problems

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