Organizations use syslog-ng to reliably and securely collect, process and normalize log messages from across their IT environments, and forward them to Big Data stores and log analytics or store them in an encrypted log store.

Open source edition

The baseline for log management

High performance

Customizable and extensible

Wide community support

Message parsing and re-writing

Intuitive configuration syntax

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Premium edition

Enterprise-class reliable multiplatform log management

Zero message loss

Encrypted, time-stamped log store

Extended data enrichment

Official installation packages, including Windows

World-class technical support

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Store box

High-performance, enterprise-class log management appliance

High-performance turnkey appliance

Web-based UI

Ultra-fast full-text search

Unified search

Content-based alerting

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"Balabit has a solid reputation with their open source product. Our experience with this open source version was outstanding and the premium version gave us the functionality we needed." Øyvind Gielink, IT security officer, Telenor Group

Optimize your SIEM

Increase reliability and improve ROI of your SIEM.

Upgrade from Open Source

Six good reasons to upgrade to syslog-ng Premium Edition™.