Please use digital encryption when sending sensitive information to us via e-mail.

Technical details about sending encrypted messages can be found at bottom of this page.

Balabit IT Kft. <> 731F CE47 AAB3 8536 F224 07CE EC23 8888 99C8 8CC4
Balazs Scheidler <> 8038 B76C B92A 661D E4EF 222D B613 44D0 ADCF 4138 Syslog-ng versions signed: 1.6.6-, 1.9.3-
Balazs Scheidler <> CD27 CFB0 802C 0944 9CFD 804E C82C 8EB1 Zorp versions signed: 0.5.x, 0.6.x, 0.7.x, 0.8.0-0.8.4, 0.9.0-0.9.1
Zorp Distribution Key <> ED34 BDFD 55D4 DC37 BB40 9FBC 020B B413 3BC3 7107 Zorp versions signed: 0.8.5-, 0.9.2-
Péter Höltzl <> 796B C9D3 E492 B006 C8B2 4D1F 5320 28E3 9A1B 3FC6
Endre Wagner <> EB4A DD4B 9D2E B84E BBF3 0B06 39AE E754 E34B 58DF
Márton Illés <> F78C 25CA 5F88 6FAF EA21 779D 3279 9F9E 1155 670D
Imre Lazar <> 87A2 396D 8C9A BCD6 E62F 81A3 CF86 AF3F AAFB 8ACB
Tamás Pál <> 10A7 DF6E 5CE8 84EB 026F 596A D1AD 35AB 3B1B 7912
Balabit Archive Automatic Signing Key <> 1AE2 DA36 3316 3070 FC1C 90FF 3BDA F86D 2AA2 8252
BBSA <> D651 ABE0 B29D 4676 99D4 1A60 F450 E2FD C359 70BC Balabit Security Advisory (BBSA)
Balabit Support Team <> 2C00 868B 6666 AB07 1B44 07F2 5495 E000 09F5 D54B E-mail based problem reporting
OLD (expired) Balabit Support Team <> C9A8 85F4 4C4B ECAE A61E EDEB 7F22 8072 7C00 8404 E-mail based problem reporting
Documentation <> 75F5 68E0 C970 C022 3438 0B8C A453 FEFF 521F 4FCC

We accept encrypted and/or signed messages in OpenPGP (RFC2440) format. We use GnuPG as our PGP implementation. Compatible messages can be generated using the following software combinations:

Microsoft Outlook + PGP Desktop Security (Windows), mutt + gpg (Linux).