Fighting the security breach epidemic: effective strategies to adopt

Published on 06 March 2018

The likelihood of being hit by a data security breach in the year ahead is high. In fact, over half of businesses are expected to suffer a breach in 2018. What can your business do to combat this rising epidemic?

As cybercrime becomes increasingly sophisticated and targeted, so must our strategies for detecting and preventing it. With the likelihood of security breaches continuing to rise in 2018, there’s a number of effective strategies you can adopt to make sure you’re not one of the businesses affected. Whether it’s a technology-led security strategy or simply better staff training, now’s the time to up your IT security game.

Security breaches: 2018-style

To fight the growing security epidemic, we must future-gaze to adopt effective strategies. When we asked our very own Csaba Krasznay, Security Evangelist here at Balabit, for his predictions on the top IT security trends to watch out for in 2018, two things stood out in particular.

  1. This is likely to be the year we see the first cryptocurrency breach, with attackers targeting blockchain technology users after the Bitcoin media frenzy of 2017. The consequences of an attack like this would be significant, so it’s essential for those at risk to act quickly to achieve and maintain proper oversight of their networks.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really going to start making its mark on the security industry this year. As attacks get more targeted, it’s over to AI to help businesses detect threats more speedily and defend against them more effectively.

Educating (and managing) your privileged users

In this kind of landscape, with hackers lurking around every corner, we need to be doing more than just watching our backs. Adopting solutions like Privileged Access Management (PAM) is one effective option, arming you with comprehensive oversight of your IT network at all times, closely analyzing the behavior of privileged users so that you can begin to identify what a threat looks like.

Privileged users pose the biggest internal security threat and could be used as access points for external hackers. Also, they often include members of staff at the lower end of the organizational hierarchy – system admins, for instance – who may not have full insight into the sensitivity of the data they’re safeguarding, nor the true implications of a security breach.

That’s why no solution is watertight without making sure your employees are fully clued up and routinely executing security processes, whilst making sure those processes aren’t too disruptive to their everyday jobs.

Knowing your IT network inside out

You’ve only got to look at some of 2017’s biggest security breaches to see cyber-attacks are often made possible by hackers gaining privileged access to vulnerable networks.

Attacks are often supported by blind spots in an organization’s IT network. If an IT team doesn’t have comprehensive visibility of who has access when and where, it leaves itself open to attacks which can go unnoticed for long periods of time. PAM tools allow an organization’s IT team to monitor all user sessions in real-time and act on suspicious activity much more quickly. They are an uncomplicated, non-disruptive way for an IT team to get to know its network inside out and, crucially, maintain that level of accurate insight continuously.

Put it this way: there’s no way cyber-attackers could enjoy long periods of data hacking with a PAM tool in place. Knowing your network inside out is key.

For more on how to respond to security threats more quickly, read our recent accelerate your incident response whitepaper.

by Balabit

Balabit, a One Identity business, is a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Log Management solutions. Founded in 2000, Balabit has a proven track record of helping businesses reduce the risk of data breaches associated with privileged accounts.

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