Many large organizations have invested in privileged password management tools as a first line of privileged account defense. These tools are important for compliance and baseline security, but have a common limitation: once a privileged user has gained legitimate access – using credentials delivered by the password manager itself – they are free to do what they want. Consequently, there’s no way of preventing insider abuse or identity theft-based attacks. So organizations need to complement their password management investment by adding an in-depth security layer which monitors the activity of privileged account users.

Balabit and password management

Why Balabit

Balabit’s Privileged Session Management (PSM) adds value to your existing password vaults by controlling and monitoring privileged access to remote IT systems and recording sessions in searchable, movie-like audit trails. This integration provides a comprehensive Privileged Access Management solution which protects your critical assets and meets compliance requirements with the ultimate goal of protection against malicious insiders and external attackers.

credential store integration

Granular access control

Password managers lack the ability to fully control privileged activity; they can only control general access to privileged accounts. By integrating Balabit PSM you can additionally restrict users based on their actual activity (like file-transfer, command execution, etc.). Furthermore, beyond recording the fact that an account was accessed, you can even record the details of account access. In fact, PSM helps you answer the question of “who did what?”, and can provide proof of any misuse.

Shared account activity monitoring

Often, users access the same privileged account and all of them know the password retrieved by the password manager. Sharing passwords poses an even greater risk when granting access to third-party contractors or when an employee leaves the organization or changes role. By integrating PSM with a password manager, you can monitor privileged users without these users gaining access to the privileged passwords. Users can continue to access IT resources as usual, but their actions are being monitored and recorded.


Your password management investment is a necessary first line of defense, but Balabit PSM adds defense in depth against data breaches. By integrating PSM with your password manager, you gain the following benefits:

  • Secure management of passwords and sessions to cover related compliance requirements
  • Automatic password retrieval without disclosure to users
  • Comprehensive access policy with fine-grained controls
  • Supervised and audited access to sensitive assets without disrupting the workflow
  • Real-time prevention of malicious user actions and
  • In-depth visibility of activities and actionable information in the case of incidents.

Balabit Privileged Session Management is a turnkey appliance which interoperates seamlessly with the leading password management solutions. Currently, it can interoperate with:

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