Balabit IT Security Survey Results Released at RSA Conference 2014

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO, February 25, 2014 – Balabit IT Security ( today announced the results of a recent survey of IT security professionals about the use of privileged identity management (PIM) and privileged activity monitoring (PAM) technology.

Of those surveyed, respondents ranked the reasons for monitoring privileged users, from most to least important, as follows:

  1. Detect/track suspicious user behavior and prevent incidents – 60 percent considered this the most important factor
  2. Control and audit IT service providers
  3. Control and audit internal IT staff
  4. Support IT/network staff in troubleshooting
  5. Support internal business processes (i.e., reporting)
  6. Meet/prove compliance with regulatory requirements
  7. Control and audit virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) users
  8. Reduce costs for IT operations
  9. Support forensics investigations
  10. Reduce costs for security audits

“With compliance as the sixth most important reason for companies to deploy PIM, it is reassuring to see that most companies recognize it is more important to increase their operational efficiency by increasing the level of security and managing people than just ‘checking the box’ and passing audits,” said Zoltán Györkő, CEO of Balabit IT Security.

Although 98 percent of respondents said that a PAM tool could increase the level of protection of their system security, a relatively high number, 16 percent, stated that they have no solution deployed at all to protect against malicious insiders.

“It’s disturbing that so many decision-makers are still ignoring the human factor and making their procurement priorities based on their physical and virtual infrastructure.  The most commonly used product, firewalls, are completely ineffective against targeted attacks, especially Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) or internal attacks. It is clear from today’s headlines that these types of attacks are happening with much more frequency and are not only a common source of data breaches but the primary source of the most costly cyber-attacks,” said Györkő.

Additional survey findings include:

See all results in Infographic.

About the Survey
Balabit IT Security conducted this survey between September 2013 and January 2014 by interviewing more than 400 IT professionals including CIOs, CSOs, system administrators, system managers and other IT workers in Europe (mainly in France, Germany, UK and Hungary). 44 percent of respondents work for large, 34 percent for middle size, 22 percent for small size companies. They represented industries including IT and telecom (38 percent), government (26 percent), financial (16 percent), retail (7 percent), manufacturer (5 percent) and healthcare (3 percent) sectors.

About Balabit
Balabit IT Security is an innovative information security company, a global leader in the development of privileged activity monitoring, trusted logging and proxy-based gateway technologies to help protect customers against internal and external threats and meet security and compliance regulations. As an active member of the open source community, we provide solutions to a uniquely wide range of both open source and proprietary platforms, even for the most complex and heterogeneous IT systems across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
Balabit is also known as “the syslog-ng company”, based on the company’s flagship product, the open source log server application, which is used by more than 1 million companies worldwide and became the globally acknowledged de-facto industry standard.
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