Zorp Gateway Technology

Zorp™ technology is a robust perimeter defense tool, developed for companies with extensive networks and other institutes having high security requirements. During Zorp's design, the developers abandoned the traditional firewall architecture and designed a tool that can answer the security challenges of today and tomorrow.

Owing to the modular architecture, the new gateway can be easily extended with new modules handling new protocols, and is capable of handling the different layers of embedded communication standards.

Based on the information obtained from the thorough inspection of network traffic, the graphical configuration interface backed with custom scripting enables the administrator to implement the network security policy of the company without any trade-offs. Advanced authentication services like Single Sign On and user-level QoS can be configured using the flexible authentication capabilities of the product.

Typical end-users

The protection provided by the Zorp™ application-level perimeter defense technology satisfies even the highest security needs. The typical users of Zorp™ come from the governmental, financial, and telecommunication sectors, including industrial companies as well.

This technology is especially useful in the following situations:

  • To protect networks that handle sensitive data or provide critical business processes.
  • To solve unique, specialized IT security problems.
  • To filter encrypted channels (e.g., HTTPS, POP3S, IMAPS, SMTPS, SFTP, etc.).
  • To perform centralized content filtering (virus and spam) even in encrypted channels.
  • To filter specialized protocols (e.g., Radius, SIP, MS RPC, VNC, RDP, etc.).
  • To implement Single Sign On (Kerberos) authentication.
  • To facilitate user-level QoS.