1. Painless upgrade

The syslog-ng Premium Edition application is perfectly compatible with the Open Source Edition, therefore upgrading is simple, effortless, and without any problems.

2. Installers for over 50 platforms

With the increasing number of servers to collect logs from, the number of server platforms often increases as well. This means that building and testing the installation packages for every platform takes more and more time. The syslog-ng Premium Edition application provides installation packages for over 50 Linux and UNIX platforms, saving you the time and money related to maintaining the build environments.

3. Windows and System i agents

In addition to Linux and UNIX, syslog-ng Premium Edition allows you to collect log messages from Windows and IBM System i servers as well.

4. Zero message loss

When collecting logs for security or compliance reasons, or for analyzing them with a SIEM, it is vital to ensure that every single log message arrives to the central log server and it contains accurate information. The syslog-ng Premium Edition application minimizes the risk of losing messages and prevents unauthorized parties from manipulating the contents of log messages and log files.

5. Trusted log storage

If your organization is subject to internal (for example, COBIT) or external regulations (for example SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA) and has to audit its IT infrastructure, syslog-ng PE and syslog-ng Store Box help you to secure your logging infrastructure by storing the log messages in digitally signed, encrypted, and timestamped log files.

6. Warranties

Major releases of syslog-ng PE are supported and maintained for a long time, as described in the Balabit version policy. Releases of syslog-ng OSE are frequent and supported only for a limited period. The Premium Edition has thorough quality assurance and release-testing procedures in place, while changes and fixes in syslog-ng OSE are not specifically tested before release. Also, the performance of syslog-ng PE is tested on a regular basis to ensure that the performance between releases does not decrease.

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