Following an incident, the simple question “Who did what?” is one of the most critical, yet most difficult, questions to answer. Analyzing thousands of text-based logs can be a nightmare and may require the participation of costly external experts. Without recording user sessions, determining the responsible party is almost impossible, and often leads to accusations along with time and money wasted on investigating the incident. 

Privileged Access Management can reduce the time and costs to resolve incidents.

faster incident response


Shared Accounts

The pervasive use of shared accounts makes it difficult to determine who did what and establish responsibility. 

Lack of contextual data

Solutions relying on log data or session meta-data lack the context about actual session activity.

Inaccessible Data

Analyzing log data is time-consuming with log data often stored in disparate systems, not readily accessible.

Incomplete Data

Often insiders disable logging to cover their tracks so log files are incomplete.

Why Balabit

Greater visibility

Searchable, video-like replay of sessions enables security teams to see exactly what commands were executed, not just session metadata.

Faster Time to Value

Turnkey solution that requires no agents on end-points, can be deployed in days rather than months saving the cost of long, complicated professional services projects.

Secure Audit Trails

Audit trails are encrypted and stored centrally and can only be accessed by authorized personnel, not by users being monitored.

Seamless Integration

Balabit’s Privileged Session Management can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of security tools including Password Management systems, Multi-factor authentication tools, and Ticketing systems.


  • Reduced time and costs associated with incident investigations.
  • Bullet-proof evidence of any wrongdoing by IT staff.
  • Increased accountability for users when accessing critical IT assets through privileged accounts.

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