Infosecurity Belgium ,  15.06.2016

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Why do companies need User Behavior Analytics?

Nowadays, attackers are intelligent, well-funded, and their attacks are increasingly complex and well targeted.


How Balabit helps to comply with ISO 27k?

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eXPRTLK - Georgia Weidman

Georgia Weidman talks about the latest feud between Apple and FBI, smartphone security, and how being a woman feels in an industry dominated by men.

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We Hacked IT - The credit card issue

Credit and debit cards are handed out to millions every month, although it is astonishing and frightening at the same time how careless people can behave with them.

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Paying the price of a payment system robbery

The most direct access for a criminal today is not through the bank vault but rather through the electronic payment system...

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Blindspotter The real-time user behavior analytics solution Blindspotter™ is a monitoring tool that maps and profiles user behavior to reveal human risk. Blindspotter™ integrates a variety of contextual information in addition to logs, processes them using a unique algorithm, and offers a wide range of outputs from warnings to automatic interventions.

Shell Control Box Real-time prevention of malicious activities Shell Control Box can monitor the traffic of network connections in real time, and execute various actions if a certain pattern appears in the command line or on the screen.

See how to optimize SIEM with syslog-ng From this short video you can learn how to improve the ROI of your SIEM with syslog-ng.

Joe's One Day Incident management SCB is an independent device that operates transparently, and extracts the audit information directly from the communication of the client and the server. This prevents anyone from modifying the audited information.

Joe's One Day 2 Real-time detection and prevention Joe at an outsourcing company

Analyst opinion about CSI / Martin Kuppinger

Charles J. Kolodgy - Research Vice President, Security Products, IDC


Infosecurity Belgium

 15.06.2016  - 16.06.2016
Brussels, Belgium

Join us on the Exclusive Networks stand at the online meeting place and exhibition for IT managers and IT professionals in the field of IT security held in Belgium. Along with the exhibitions Storage Expo and The Tooling Event, offers market leaders, associations, speakers and other IT professionals the ability to share ideas, techniques, services and visions on current IT topics.


CSI Webinar

 29.06.2016  - 29.06.2016

Only continuous and real-time understanding of their behavior can arm you with power and flexibility to stop threats without constraining business. Join our webinar and learn more!

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Les Assises

 05.10.2016  - 08.10.2016
Monte Carlo, Monaco

This event has become the reference for the security community, attracting hundreds of IS directors, CISOs, DP directors and BU decision makers, from major accounts in the industry.


Usenix Lisa

 04.12.2016  - 09.12.2016
Boston, MA, USA

LISA conference—now in its 30th year—is the premier conference for IT operations, where systems engineers, operations professionals, and academic researchers share real-world knowledge.


RSA 2017

 13.02.2017  - 17.02.2017
San Francisco, CA, USA

The RSA Conference is one of the the largest IT Security and cryptography-related conference in the States.

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