6.18. tcp, tcp6, udp, udp6: Collecting messages from remote hosts using the BSD syslog protocol


The tcp(), tcp6(), udp(), and udp6() drivers are obsolete. Use the network() source and the network() destination instead. For details, see Section 6.5, network: Collecting messages using the RFC3164 protocol (network() driver) and Section 7.13, network: Sending messages to a remote log server using the RFC3164 protocol (network() driver), respectively.

The tcp(), tcp6(), udp(), udp6() drivers can receive syslog messages conforming to RFC3164 from the network using the TCP and UDP networking protocols. The tcp6() and udp6() drivers use the IPv6 network protocol, while tcp() and udp() use IPv4.

To convert your existing tcp(), tcp6(), udp(), udp6() source drivers to use the network() driver, see Procedure, Change an old source driver to the network() driver.