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What is new in syslog-ng Store Box 4 F5

October 28, 2016

Table of Contents

1. Preface

Parsing key-value pairs

SSB can separate a message consisting of whitespace or comma-separated key-value pairs (for example, firewall logs, Postfix log messages) into name-value pairs. You can specify the separator character to parse different log messages, for example, colon (:) to parse MySQL log messages, or the equal sign (=) for firewall logs. For details, see Procedure 10.5, Parsing key-value pairs in The syslog-ng Store Box 4 F5 Administrator Guide.

10Gbit interface support

SSB now supports a 10Gbit network interface to receive log messages. You can use the 10Gbit interface instead of, or together with the regular 1Gbit external (LAN 1) interface. That way, you can use SSB without any additional changes even if your network devices support only 10Gbit, and you must connect SSB to a 10Gbit-only network.

For details, see Section Using a 10Gbit interface as external interface in The syslog-ng Store Box 4 F5 Administrator Guide.

Other changes

In SSB version 4 F5 and later, you cannot manually change the speed of network interfaces.