6.3.4. Troubleshooting

If you experience any strange behavior of the web interface, first try to reload the page by holding the SHIFT key while clicking the Reload button of your browser to remove any cached version of the page.

In the unlikely case that PSM encounters a problem during the upgrade process and cannot revert to its original state, PSM performs the following actions:

  • Initializes the network interfaces using the already configured IP addresses.

  • Enables SSH-access to PSM, unless PSM is running in sealed mode. That way it is possible to access the logs of the upgrade process that helps the Balabit Support Team to diagnose and solve the problem. Note that SSH access will be enabled on every active interface, even if management access has not been enabled for the interface.

In case the web interface is not available within 30 minutes of rebooting PSM, check the information displayed on the local console and contact the Balabit Support Team at https://support.balabit.com.