6.3.1. Upgrade checklist

The following list applies to all configurations:

  • You have created a configuration backup of PSM.

    For detailed instructions, refer to Procedure 6.3.6, Exporting the configuration of PSM.

  • You have a valid MyBalabit account.

    To download the required firmware file and license, you need a valid MyBalabit. Note that registration is not automatic, and might require up to two working days to process.

  • You have downloaded the latest PSM firmware from the Balabit Downloads page.

  • You have read the Release Notes of the firmware before updating. The Release Notes might include additional instructions specific to the firmware version.

    The Release Notes are available at the Balabit Downloads page.

  • You have verified that PSM is in good condition (no issues are displayed on the System Monitor).

  • Optional: You have exported core dump files, if necessary for debugging, from Basic Settings > Troubleshooting > Core files. These files are removed during upgrade.

If you have a high availability cluster:

  • You have IPMI access to the slave node. You can find detailed information on using the IPMI interface in the following documents:

    For PSM T4 and T10, see the X9 SMT IPMI User's Guide. For PSM T1, see the SMT IPMI User's Guide.

  • You have verified on the Basic Settings > High Availability page that the HA status is not degraded.

If you are upgrading PSM in a virtual environment:

  • You have created a snapshot of the virtual machine before starting the upgrade process.

  • You have configured and enabled console redirection (if the virtual environment allows it).

During the upgrade, PSM displays information about the progress of the upgrade and any possible problems in the following places:

  • On the web interface of PSM, at any of the Listening addresses configured at Basic settings > Local Services > Web login (admin and user). (After booting, you are directed to the login screen of PSM.)


    If you are upgrading to version 5 F4 from version 5.0.x, this feature is enabled after the first boot to version 5 F4. So during the upgrade to version 5 F4, you will not be able to see any upgrade logs on the web interface.

  • On the console, which you can monitor with IPMI (ILOM) or console access.

The information displayed in the browser and on the console is the same.

We recommend that you test the upgrade process in a non-production (virtual, and so on) environment first.

Upgrading PSM requires a reboot. We strongly suggest that you perform the upgrade on the production appliance during maintenance hours only, to avoid any potential data loss.