19.1. Contents of the operational reports

The operational reports of PSM are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), and contain the following information:

  • Configuration changes: Lists the number of PSM configuration changes per page and per user. The frequency of the configuration changes is also displayed on a chart.

  • Main reports: Contains statistics about the total traffic that passed PSM, including the number of sessions that passed for every connection policy, the used usernames, clients, and servers, and so on.


    Connections that are still in progress when the report is generated are excluded from the report. Sessions that are being indexed and reporting jobs are listed in the Sessions with in progress indexing or reporting jobs section of the report.

  • Reports by connection: Contains separate statistics about every connection policy configured on PSM.

  • System health information: Displays information about the filesystem and network use of PSM, as well as the average load.