Procedure – Creating and saving filters for later use


To create and save a filter for later use, complete the following steps:


  1. Navigate to the Search > Search page.

  2. Set the filters you need.

  3. Select Predefined filter conditions > Save As. A pop-up window is displayed.

  4. Enter a name for the filter into the Name field.

    Figure 16.14. Search > Search > Save as — Saving filter conditions

    Search > Search > Save as — Saving filter conditions
  5. If you want the filter to be available for other PSM users as well, select Global. To restrict the availability of the filter to a set of specific users, select Scope > Global, click , and enter the name of the group whose members may use the filter. Repeat this step to add other groups if needed. Local filters are visible only for you.


    Filters cannot be modified later, only deleted. A filter can be deleted by the user who created it, and by users whose group has the Search > Manage global filters privilege.

    For more information on managing user rights, see Section 5.7, Managing user rights and usergroups.

  6. To modify the timeframe of the search, select Interval, and set the beginning and ending date and time of the search. This is useful when you want to display only the connections of a specific event. Note that you must always set an interval for global filters.

  7. Click OK.