6.4. Managing the PSM license

Information of the current license of PSM is displayed on the Basic Settings > System > License page. The following information is displayed:

Figure 6.10. Basic Settings > System > License — Updating the license

Basic Settings > System > License — Updating the license
  • Customer: The company permitted to use the license (for example Example Ltd.).

  • Serial: The unique serial number of the license.

  • Limit type:

    • Host: Limits the number of servers (individual IP addresses) that can be connected through PSM.

    • Session: Limits the number of concurrent sessions (parallel connections) that can pass through PSM at a time (for example 25). PSM will reject additional connection requests until an already established connection is closed.

  • Limit: The actual value of the session or host limit. To list which hosts PSM counts against this limit, click the on the value of the limit.

  • Valid: The period in which the license is valid. The dates are displayed in YYYY/MM/DD format.

The full text of the End User License Agreement is also displayed here.

PSM starts sending automatic alerts daily, 60 days before the license expires. An alert is sent also when the number of protected servers exceeds 90% of the limit set in the license.