23.3. Procedure – Viewing logs on PSM


The Troubleshooting menu provides an interface to view the logs generated by the various components of PSM.


Because of performance reasons, log files larger than 2 Megabytes are not displayed in the web interface. To access these logs, download the file instead.


  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > Troubleshooting > View log files.

    Figure 23.3. Basic Settings > Troubleshooting — Viewing logs on PSM

    Basic Settings > Troubleshooting — Viewing logs on PSM
  2. Use the Logtype roll-down menu to select the message type.

    • syslog: All system logs of the PSM host.

    • PSM: Logs of the PSM web interface.

    • http: Logs of the HTTP connections passing through PSM.

    • ica: Logs of the ICA connections passing through PSM.

    • rdp: Logs of the RDP connections passing through PSM.

    • ssh: Logs of the SSH connections passing through PSM.

    • telnet: Logs of the Telnet connections passing through PSM.

    • vnc: Logs of the VNC connections passing through PSM.

    • To download the log file, click Download.

    • To follow the current log messages real-time, click Tail.

    • To display the log messages, click View.

  3. To display log messages of the last seven days, select the desired day from the Day field and click View.


    To display only the messages of a selected host or process, enter the name of the host or process into the Message field.

    The Message field acts as a generic filter: enter a keyword or a regular expression to display only messages that contain the keyword or match the expression.