6.5.1. Procedure – Updating the PSM license


The PSM license must be updated before the existing license expires or when you purchase a new license.


To update the license, complete the following steps:


Before uploading a new license, you are recommended to backup the configuration of PSM. For details, see Procedure 6.4.5, Exporting the configuration of PSM.


  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > System > License.

  2. Click Browse and select the new license file.


    It is not required to manually decompress the license file. Compressed licenses (for example .zip archives) can also be uploaded.

  3. Click Upload, then .

  4. Warning

    This step terminates all controlled connections going through PSM. Disconnect your clients from the protected servers before proceeding.

    To activate the new license, navigate to Traffic control > All services and click Restart.