6.4.6. Procedure – Importing the configuration of PSM


The configuration of PSM can be imported from the Basic Settings > System page. Use the respective action buttons to perform the desired operation.

You also have the option to import configuration of PSM from a local file using the console. For details, see Procedure 6.6.5, Exporting and importing the configuration of PSM using the console.

Figure 6.15. Basic Settings > System — Importing the PSM configuration

Basic Settings > System — Importing the PSM configuration

It is not possible to import the configuration of an older major release (for example, 1.0) into a newer release (for example, 2.0).


  1. Warning

    Do not export or import configuration between a physical PSM deployment and a virtual one. Because of the differences and limitations between physical and virtual appliances, configure the virtual appliance from scratch to ensure proper functionality. When you migrate a virtual PSM to another one, you can export and import the configuration.

    Navigate to Basic Settings > System > Import configuration.

  2. Click Browse and select the configuration file to import.

  3. Enter the password into the Encryption password field and click Upload.


    PSM accepts passwords that are not longer than 150 characters. The following special characters can be used: !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>[email protected][\]^-`{|}