23.7.5. Procedure – Resolving an IP conflict between cluster nodes

The IP addresses of the HA interfaces connecting the two nodes are detected automatically, during boot. When a node comes online, it attempts to connect to the IP address If no other node responds until timeout, then it sets the IP address of its HA interface to, otherwise (if there is a responding node on it sets its own HA interface to

Replaced nodes do not yet know the HA configuration (or any other HA settings), and will attempt to negotiate it automatically in the same way. If the network is, for any reason, too slow to connect the nodes on time, the replacement node boots with the IP address of, which can cause an IP conflict if the other node has also set its IP to that same address previously. In this case, the replacement node cannot join the HA cluster.

To manually assign the correct IP address to the HA interface of a node, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the node using the IPMI interface or the physical console.

    Configuration changes have not been synced to the new (replacement) node, as it could not join the HA cluster. Use the default password of the root user of PSM, see Procedure 3.1, Installing the PSM hardware in The Balabit’s Privileged Session Management 5 F5 Installation Guide.

  2. From the console menu, choose 10 HA address.

    Figure 23.15. The console menu

    The console menu
  3. Choose the IP address of the node.

    Figure 23.16. The console menu

    The console menu
  4. Reboot the node.