23.7.2. Procedure – Recovering PSM if both nodes broke down


It can happen that both nodes break down simultaneously (for example because of a power failure), or the slave node breaks down before the original master node recovers. To properly recover PSM, complete the following steps:


As of PSM version 2.0.2, when both nodes of a cluster boot up in parallel, the node with the HA IP address will become the master node.


  1. Power off both nodes by pressing and releasing the power button.


    Hazard of data loss! If PSM does not shut off, press and hold the power button for approximately 4 seconds. This method terminates connections passing PSM and might result in data loss.

  2. Power on the node that was the master before PSM broke down. Consult the system logs to find out which node was the master before the incident: when a node boots as master, or when a takeover occurs, PSM sends a log message identifying the master node.


    Configure remote logging to send the log messages of PSM to a remote server where the messages are available even if the logs stored on PSM become unaccessible. For details on configuring remote logging, see Section 4.5, System logging, SNMP and e-mail alerts.

  3. Wait until this node finishes the boot process.

  4. Power on the other node.