6.3.2. Procedure – Upgrading PSM (single node)


To upgrade PSM to a newer firmware version, complete the following steps. To upgrade PSM without using the web interface, see Procedure 6.5.4, Firmware update using SSH. You are recommended to always use the latest maintenance release available.


When upgrading to a new major release (that is, to a new Feature Release or a new Long-Term Supported release), always follow the instructions of the How to upgrade to Balabit’s Privileged Session Management, Shell Control Box guide for that release, as it contains more detailed instructions (available at the Balabit Documentation page).


  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > System > Firmwares.

    Figure 6.7. Basic Settings > System > Firmwares — Managing the firmwares

    Basic Settings > System > Firmwares — Managing the firmwares
  2. Upload the new firmware: Browse for the firmware .iso file and then click Upload.

  3. To read the Upgrade Notes of the uploaded firmware, click on the icon. The Upgrade Notes are displayed in a pop-up window.

  4. Click Test for the new firmware to check if your configuration can be upgraded to version 5 F4. If the test returns any errors, correct them before continuing the upgrade process. If you encounter any problems, contact the Balabit Support Team.

  5. Warning

    Proceed only if the upgrade test is successful.

    Activate the firmware, but do not reboot PSM yet.

  6. Navigate to Basic Settings > System > Traffic Control > This node, and choose Reboot.

    PSM attempts to boot with the new firmware. Wait for the process to complete.

  7. Login to the PSM web interface to verify that the upgrade was successful.

    Navigate to Basic Settings > System > Version details, or check the system log for the version numbers PSM reports on boot. In case you encounter problems, you can find common troubleshooting steps in Section 6.3.4, Troubleshooting.