4.4. Procedure – Configuring date and time

To configure the date and time-related settings of PSM, navigate to Basic Settings > Date & Time.

Figure 4.16. Basic Settings > Date & Time — Date and time management

Basic Settings > Date & Time — Date and time management

It is essential to set the date and time correctly on PSM, otherwise the date information of the logs and audit trails will be inaccurate.

PSM displays a warning on this page and sends an alert if the time becomes out of sync.

To explicitly set the date and time on PSM, enter the current date into respective fields of the Date & Time settings group and click Set Date & Time.

When two PSM units are operating in high availability mode, the slave nodes automatically synchronizes its time and date to the master node. To manually synchronize the time between the nodes, click Sync Master (available only in high availability mode).

To retrieve the date automatically from a time server, complete the following steps:

  1. Select your timezone in the Timezone field.

  2. Enter the IP address of an NTP time server into the Address field.

    Use an IPv4 address.

  3. Click .

  4. Click the and icons to add new servers or delete existing ones.

  5. Optional: If the time setting of PSM is very inaccurate (that is, the difference between the system time and the actual time is great), it might take a long time to retrieve the date from the NTP server. In this case, click Sync Now or Sync Master to sync the time immediately using SNTP.