23.6. Status history and statistics

PSM displays various statistics and status history of system data and performance on the dashboard at Basic Settings > Dashboard. The dashboard is essentially an extension of the system monitor: the system monitor displays only the current values, while the dashboard creates graphs and statistics of the system parameters.

The dashboard consists of different modules. Every module displays the history of a system parameter for the current day. To display the graph for a longer period (last week, last month, or last year), select the Week, Month, or Year options, respectively. Hovering the mouse over a module enlarges the graph and displays the color code used on the graph.

To display statistics of a module as a table for the selected period, click on the graph.

Figure 23.6. Basic Settings > Dashboard — The dashboard

Basic Settings > Dashboard — The dashboard

The following modules are displayed on the dashboard of PSM:

  • Connection statistics: Number of active connections per protocol.

  • Memory: The memory used by the system.

  • Disk: Filesystem usage for the different partitions.

  • CPU: CPU usage.

  • Network connections: Number of network connections.

  • Physical interface 1 (eth0): Traffic on physical interface 1.

  • Physical interface 2 (eth1): Traffic on physical interface 2.

  • Physical interface 3 (eth2): Traffic on physical interface 3.

  • Load average: Average load of the system.

  • Number of processes: The number of running processes.