23.2. Gathering data about system problems

PSM automatically generates core dump files if an important software component (for example Zorp) of the system crashes for some reason. These core dump files can be of great help to the Balabit Support Team to identify problems. When a core dump file is generated, the PSM administrator receives an alerting e-mail, and an SNMP trap is generated if alerting is properly configured (for details, see Section 4.6, Configuring system monitoring on PSM and Section 4.5, System logging, SNMP and e-mail alerts).

To list and download the generated core dump files, navigate to Basic Settings > Troubleshooting > Core files.

By default, core dump files are deleted after 14 days. To change the deletion timeframe, navigate to Basic Settings > Management > Core files.

Figure 23.2. Basic Settings > Troubleshooting — System troubleshooting with PSM

Basic Settings > Troubleshooting — System troubleshooting with PSM