6.5.4. Procedure – Firmware update using SSH


In some cases, uploading large files over HTTP is not possible. In such cases, you can update the firmware using SSH. Complete the following steps.


The recommended way to update the firmware is using the PSM web interface (see Section 6.3, Upgrading PSM). Update the PSM firmware using SSH is only if you cannot update the firmware using the web interface. Note that updating using SSH may be removed from later versions of PSM.



  1. Download the firmware file to your computer.

  2. Login to PSM remotely using SSH, and select Shells > Core shell from the console menu.

  3. Copy the firmware to the PSM host, for example, into the /root/ directory.

  4. Check which firmware slot is available: /opt/scb/bin/firmwarectl list

  5. Install the firmware into an empty slot: /opt/scb/bin/firmwarectl install <empty-slot-number>

  6. Check if you can upgrade to the new firmware, and resolve any errors before continuing: /opt/scb/bin/firmwarectl precheck <slot-number-of-the-firmware>

  7. Activate the new firmware: /opt/scb/bin/firmwarectl activate <slot-number-of-the-firmware> true

  8. Reboot PSM: xcbclient self xcb_do_reboot

  9. If the upgrade is successful, delete the unused firmwares: /opt/scb/bin/firmwarectl delete <slot-number-of-unused-firmware>

  10. Delete the firmware file you uploaded to PSM, it is not needed any more. rm -fv /root/<firmware-file-you-uploaded>