5.8. Listing and searching configuration changes

PSM automatically tracks every change of its configuration. To display the history of changes, select AAA > Accounting. The changes are displayed on a search interface. For more information on using and customizing this interface, see Section 5.8.1, Using the internal search interface.

The following information is displayed about each modification:

Figure 5.12. AAA > Accounting — Browsing configuration changes

AAA > Accounting — Browsing configuration changes
  • Timestamp: The date of the modification.

  • Author: Username of the administrator who modified the configuration of PSM.

  • Page: The menu item that was modified.

  • Field name: The name of the field or option that was modified.

  • New value: The new value of the configuration parameter.

  • Message: The changelog or commit log that the administrator submitted. This field is available only if the Require commit log option is enabled (see below).

  • Old value: The old value of the configuration parameter.

  • Swap: Signs if the order of objects was modified on the page (for example the order of two policies in the list).

To request the administrators to write an explanation to every configuration change, navigate to AAA > Settings > Accounting settings and select the Require commit log option.