5.7.1. Procedure – Assigning privileges to usergroups for the PSM web interface


To assign privileges to a new group, complete the following steps:


  1. Navigate to AAA > Access Control and click .

  2. Find your usergroup. If you start typing the name of the group you are looking for, the autocomplete function will make finding your group easier for you.

  3. Click located next to the name of the group. The list of available privileges is displayed.

  4. Select the privileges (pages of the PSM interface) to which the group will have access and click Save.


    To export the configuration of PSM, the Export configuration privilege is required.

    To import a configuration to PSM, the Import configuration privilege is required.

    To update the firmware and set the active firmware, the Firmware privilege is required.

  5. Select the type of access (read or read & write) from the Type field.

  6. Click .