5.7.2. Procedure – Modifying group privileges


To modify the privileges of an existing group, complete the following steps:


  1. Navigate to AAA > Access Control.

  2. Find the group you want to modify and click . The list of available privileges is displayed.

  3. Select the privileges (pages of the PSM interface) to which the group will have access and click Save.

    Figure 5.9. AAA > Access Control > Edit — Modifying group privileges

    AAA > Access Control > Edit — Modifying group privileges

    Assigning the Search privilege to a user on the AAA page automatically enables the Search in all connections privilege, and grants the user access to every audit trail, even if the user is not a member of the groups listed in the Access Control option of the particular connection policy.

  4. Select the type of access (read or read & write) from the Type field.

  5. Click .