Chapter 13. VMware Horizon View connections

The following sections describe how to use PSM to control and audit VMware Horizon View (formerly known as VMware View) connections. When using PSM to control and audit VMware Horizon View connections, the following requirements and restrictions apply:

  • Only connections using the Remote Desktop (RDP) display protocol are supported. Connections using the PCoIP or HP Remote Graphics Software display protocols are not supported.

  • Both direct connections and tunnel connections are supported.

  • The VMware Horizon View connections must pass PSM directly. It is best if PSM is deployed directly before the Virtual Desktops accessed with VMware Horizon View, and connections are configured in transparent mode.

    Deploying PSM that way has the advantage of auditing connections even if the clients access the Virtual Desktops directly, without using a View Connection Server.


    Using non-transparent mode is also possible if the VMware Horizon View traffic is routed to PSM with an external device (for example, a firewall).

PSM treats VMware Horizon View connections that satisfy these criteria as common RDP connections. All the features of PSM that are available for RDP connections can be used with VMware Horizon View connections as well, for example, four-eyes authorization, auditing and replaying, indexing the recorded audit trails, and so on. For details on RPD-specific settings, see Chapter 10, RDP-specific settings.