Procedure – Performing authentication with ticketing integration in Remote Desktop connections


To establish a Remote Desktop (RDP) connection to a server that requires you to enter a ticket ID, complete the following steps.


  1. Open your Remote Desktop client application.

  2. Enter the ticket ID into your Remote Desktop client application into the User name field, before or after the regular content (for example, your username) of the field. You must provide the ticket ID in the following format:


    Replace <your-ticket-id> with your actual ticket number. For example:


    Your plugin may use a different name for the key ticket_id shown in the example. Plugins work with key-value pairs and the names of keys are entirely up to individual plugins.

    To encode additional data, you can use the following special characters:

    • % as a field separator

    • ~ as the equal sign

    • ^ as a colon (for example, to specify the port number or an IPv6 IP address)

    For example, to add a token ID before your username, use the following format:


    Note how domain information is provided. If your server is in a domain, make sure that you specify the domain in this format: putting it in front, followed by a backslash (\).

  3. Connect to the server.

  4. Authenticate on the server.

  5. If the authentication is successful, you can access the server.