12.3. Procedure – Extracting username from Telnet connections


For specific devices, it is now possible to extract the username from Telnet connections with the help of patterns (note that TN3270 and TN5250 connections are not supported). Complete the following steps to select the patterns, or request a custom pattern.


  1. Navigate to Telnet Control > Authentication Policies and enable Extract username from the traffic.

  2. Click Select target devices to display the list of available target devices. Select the respective device(s) in the Available devices column and click Add. To remove a device from the Target devices column, select it and click Remove.

  3. Click OK. The target devices are listed after Selected devices.

  4. If you cannot find your device in the list of available target devices, request a custom Pattern Set. To do this, contact the Balabit Support Team.

  5. To upload the custom pattern set you received, navigate to Telnet Control > Pattern Sets, browse for the file and click Upload.

  6. To delete a custom Pattern Set from PSM, click in the respective row. Generic Balabit Pattern Sets cannot be deleted.