7.4. Procedure – Modifying the source address


The source address is the address that PSM uses to connect the server. The server sees this address as the source of the connection. To modify the source address of a connection, complete the following steps.


  1. Navigate to the Connections tab storing the connection and click to display the details of the connection.

    Figure 7.5. <Protocol name> Control > Connections — Configuring connections

    <Protocol name> Control > Connections — Configuring connections
  2. The SNAT section allows you to configure Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) on the server side of PSM. SNAT determines the IP address PSM uses in the server-side connection. The target server will see the connection coming from this address. The following options are available:

    • Use the IP address of a PSM logical interface: Server-side connections will originate from PSM's logical network interface. This is the default behavior of the connection.

    • Use the original IP address of the client: Server-side connections will originate from the client's IP address, as seen by PSM.

    • Use fix address: Enter the IP address that will be used as the source address in server-side connections.

      You can also enter a hostname instead of the IP address, and PSM automatically resolves the hostname to IP address. Note the following limitations:

      • PSM uses the Domain Name Servers set Basic Settings > Network > Naming > Primary DNS server and Secondary DNS server fields to resolve the hostnames.

      • Only IPv4 addresses are supported.

      • If the Domain Name Server returns multiple IP addresses, PSM selects randomly from the list.


      Do not forget to properly configure routers and other network devices when using the Use fix address option: messages sent by the server to this address must reach PSM.

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