19.7. Procedure – Creating PCI DSS reports

To help you comply with the regulations of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), PSM can generate reports on the compliance status of PSM. Note that this is not a fully-featured compliance report: it is a tool to enhance and complement your compliance report by providing information available in PSM. The report corresponds with the document Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures, Version 3.0, published by the PCI Security Standards Council.

For details on the contents of the report, see Section 19.8, Contents of PCI DSS reports.


  1. Login to the PSM web interface, and navigate to Reporting > PCI DSS.

    Figure 19.8. Reporting > PCI DSS — Generating PCI DSS reports

    Reporting > PCI DSS — Generating PCI DSS reports
  2. By default, members of the report group can access the custom reports via the PSM web interface. To change this, enter the name of a different group into the Reports are accessible by the following groups field, or click to grant access to other groups.


    Members of the listed groups will be able to access only these custom reports even if their groups does not have read access to the Reporting > Reports page. However, only those reports will be listed, to which their group has access to.

  3. By default, PSM sends out the reports in e-mail to the address set in the Basic Settings > Management > Mail settings > Send reports to field.


    If this address is not set, the report is sent to the PSM administrator's e-mail address.

    • To disable e-mail sending, unselect the Send reports in e-mail option.

    • To e-mail the reports to a different address, select Recipient > Custom address, and enter the e-mail address where the reports should be sent. Click to list multiple e-mail addresses if needed.

  4. Click .

  5. Click Generate report.

    The report will be automatically added in the list of reports (Reporting > Reports), and also sent in an e-mail to the regular recipients of the report.