22.3.6. Procedure – Using inband destination selection and gateway authentication with OpenSSH

PSM can authenticate users attempting to establish an SSH connection against a gateway (see Section 18.2, Configuring gateway authentication for more details). The following steps explain how you can provide the gateway login credentials:

  1. Enter the following command:

    # ssh gu=<gatewayusername>@<username>@<server>@<scb>

    ...where <gatewayusername> is the gateway username, <username> is the username on the target server, <server> is the target server's hostname (or IP address), and <scb> is the hostname (or IP address) of PSM.


    Assuming the following values:

    • The gateway username is training1

    • The username on the target server is root

    • The target server is

    • The PSM server is scb

    You can enter the following command:

    # ssh gu=training1@root@

  2. Alternative approach:

    1. Enter only the hostname (or IP address, depending on your configuration) of PSM with the following command:

      # ssh <scb>

    2. At the login prompt, provide the username on the target server, and the target server's hostname (or IP address) using the <username>@<server> format

    3. When prompted, provide the gateway username