4.3.2. Procedure – Managing logical interfaces


You can assign logical interfaces to a physical interface. Each logical interface must have its own VLAN ID, and can have its own set of (alias) IP addresses and prefixes. The configured name for each logical interface is visible on PSM's user interface only.

You can configure IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well. IPv6 is intended for configuring monitored connections. Local services (including the web login) require IPv4 addresses. An interface can have multiple IP addresses, including a mix of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


PSM does not support scenarios with two hosts using the same IP address on different VLAN groups.


  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > Network > Interfaces.

    Figure 4.13. Basic Settings > Network > Interfaces — Managing the logical interfaces

    Basic Settings > Network > Interfaces — Managing the logical interfaces
  2. If necessary, use the label on the PSM hardware to identify the physical interface to which you want to assign a logical interface.

  3. Choose to add a new logical interface. Provide the following:

    • VLAN: The VLAN ID of the logical interface. Optional.


      Do not set the VLAN ID unless your network environment is already configured to use this VLAN. Otherwise, your PSM appliance will be unavailable using this interface.

    • Address: The IP address of the logical interface.

      You can also enter a hostname instead of the IP address, and PSM automatically resolves the hostname to IP address. Note the following limitations:

      • PSM uses the Domain Name Servers set Basic Settings > Network > Naming > Primary DNS server and Secondary DNS server fields to resolve the hostnames.

      • Only IPv4 addresses are supported.

      • If the Domain Name Server returns multiple IP addresses, PSM selects randomly from the list.


      Do not use IP addresses that fall into the following ranges:

      • (reserved for communication between PSM cluster nodes)

      • (localhost IP addresses)

    • Prefix: The IP range of the logical interface.

    • Optional: To add additional (alias) IP addresses and prefixes to a logical interface, click . To remove an alias IP address, click the corresponding .

    • MTU: Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) to set per network interface (VLAN or network interface card). The default value is 1500.

    • Name: The name of the logical interface. This name is visible on PSM's user interface only.

    To remove a logical interface, choose the on the right side.

  4. Click .