4.3.4. Procedure – Configuring the routing table


The routing table contains the network destinations PSM can reach. You have to make sure that both the monitored connections, and the local services of PSM (including connections made to the backup and archive servers, the syslog server, and the SMTP server) are routed properly.

You can add multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and address ranges along with their respective gateways.


  1. To add a new routing entry, navigate to Basic Settings > Network.

    You can add interface-specific network routes using the Advanced routing option of each interface. Otherwise, use the Routing table option to manage networking routes.

    Figure 4.12. Basic Settings > Network > Routing table — Routing

    Basic Settings > Network > Routing table — Routing
  2. Click , then enter the IP address and the network prefix into the Network field.

  3. Enter the IP address of the gateway used on that subnetwork into the Gateway field.

  4. Click .