5.8.1. Using the internal search interface

The internal search interface is for browsing and filtering the configuration changes and reports of PSM.

Figure 5.13. AAA > Accounting — The internal search interface

AAA > Accounting — The internal search interface

The bars display the number of results in the selected interval. Use the and icons to zoom, and the arrows to display the previous or the next intervals. To explicitly select a date, select Jump to and set the date in the calendar. You can change the length of the displayed interval with the Scale option.

Hovering the mouse above a bar displays the number of entries and the start and end date of the period that the bar represents. Click a bar to display the entries of that period in the table. Use Shift+Click to select multiple bars.

If data is too long to fit on one line, it is automatically wrapped and only the first line is displayed. To expand a row, click . To shrink the row back to its original size, click . To expand/shrink all rows, click the respective button on the header of the table. The rows can also be expanded/shrunk by double clicking on the respective row.