8.3.2. Procedure – Enabling PSM to act as a HTTP proxy


To enable PSM to act as a HTTP proxy, perform the following steps.

Figure 8.2. HTTP Control > Connections — Act as HTTP proxy

HTTP Control > Connections — Act as HTTP proxy


  1. Enable Act as HTTP proxy to configure the client to use PSM as a HTTP proxy.

  2. Select Inband destination selection as Target.

  3. To permit access to any HTTP servers, enter into the Domain field. Alternatively, enter the IP address or subnet of the HTTP address you want permit access to. For IPv6 addresses, add ::/0 as well.

  4. To permit HTTP access to the destination servers on any port, leave the Domain > Port field empty. Otherwise, clients will be permitted only to access the specified port.

  5. Enter the port where PSM should accept HTTP connections into the To > Port field. The default port number when using the Act as HTTP proxy setting is 3128. This value should be the same as the proxy port setting on your clients.

  6. Ensure that you have set PSM as proxy on the clients.