11.4. Server host keys and certificates

The host keys and X.509 certificates of the trusted servers can be managed on the SSH Control > Server Host Keys page. When a client tries to connect to a server, PSM verifies the host key or the certificate of the server. PSM allows connections only to the servers listed on this page, unless the Accept key for the first time or the Accept certificate for the first time option is enabled in the connection policy.

  • To display the stored host keys of a host, enter its IP address into Host IP address field and click Search. Note that the search requires the exact IP address, and does not support wildcard characters.

    You can use IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well.

  • To display the list of stored host keys, click Show All. Note that this function does not work if there are more than 250 hosts in the database. In this case, use Generate CSV instead.

  • To export the entire list into as a comma-separated list, click Generate CSV.

Figure 11.8. SSH Control > Server Host Keys — Server host keys

SSH Control > Server Host Keys — Server host keys