15.2.9. Procedure – Starting the external indexer


When you have configured the external indexer, and added all decryption keys, you can start running the service.


  1. Start the indexer service using the following command.

    • On Red Hat or CentOS 6.5:

      service external-indexer start
    • On Red Hat or CentOS 7:

      systemctl start external-indexer.service
  2. Verify that the indexer service is running. Execute the ps aux command. In the output, you should see a workercontroller and one or more indexerworker processes. The number of the indexerworker processes should be the same number you set for the number_of_workers key of the /opt/external-indexer/etc/indexer/indexerworker.cfg file.

  3. Verify the indexer-certs.cfg configuration file.

    Check the system logs of the host of the external indexer. The "Error loading key store" log indicates that there was a problem with the indexer-certs.cfg configuration file.

  4. Verify that the indexer host is displayed in the list of indexers on the Indexer > Indexer status page of the PSM web interface.