4.6.3. Procedure – Preventing disk space fill up


To prevent disk space from filling up, complete the following steps.


This is highly recommended if PSM is hosted in a virtual environment.


  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > Management > Disk space fill up prevention.

  2. Set the limit of maximum disk utilization in percents in the respective field. When disk space is used above the set limit, PSM disconnects all clients. Entering 0 turns the feature off. The default value is 0.

  3. Optional step: Enable the Automatically start archiving option to automatically start all configured archiving/cleanup jobs when disk usage goes over the limit.

    For more information on configuring an archiving policy, see Section 4.8, Archiving and cleanup.


    If there is no archiving policy set, enabling this option will not trigger automatic archiving.

  4. Navigate to Basic Settings > Alerting & Monitoring > Health monitoring and enable alert Disk utilization maximum.

  5. Click .