19.5.12. The file_xfer table

This table contains information about the files transferred the connections.


The structure of these database tables may change in future PSM versions.

channel_id integer This value is a reference to the ID of the channels table where the file transfer occurred.
details text The detailed description of the file transfer. The exact contents of this field depend on the protocol used for the file transfer.
event text The type of the file operation that occurred, for example, Create file.
filename text The name of the file affected by the file operation.
path text

SCP path: Name and path of the file copied via SCP. Available only for SCP sessions (Session exec SCP SSH channels) if the Log file transfers to database option is enabled in the Channel Policy of the connection.

id integer The unique ID of the entry
start_time integer

Start time: Date when the channel was started.

Table 19.11. Columns of the file_xfer table