19.5.11. The events table


The structure of these database tables may change in future PSM versions.

id integerThe unique ID number of the entry.
channel_id integerThe ID of the channel. This value is actually a reference to the id column of the channels table.
printable booleanReturns FALSE if text contains control characters or characters that do not have any output or control function at all.
time timestampThe time when the command was executed.
record_id bigintThe identifier of the event within the audit trail (.zat file).
type adp_type

The type of the event. Possible values:

  • adp.event.command: The command entered in SSH or Telnet.

  • adp.event.screen.content: Screen content.

  • adp.event.screen.creditcard: Credit card numbers detected. Displayed only in the alert table, not visible in the Event field.

  • adp.event.screen.windowtitle: The title of the window in graphic protocols (RDP only).

event textThe screen content, command, or window title that was detected.

Table 19.10. Columns of the events table